Our History

A History Of Faithfulness


The original meetinghouse of the First Baptist Church of Jasper was a log structure near the old Norton Cemetery in which many of the original members were buried.  There are no known church records to tell the exact year it was established.  It is recorded that Elizabeth Wofford was received for membership in 1848, which proved that it was founded before this date.  Even the name is in question, Norton Creek Baptist Church and Norton Creed Baptist Church have both been recorded.

In 1856 William Sosebee made a “deed of gift” of an acre, more or less, on the road known as the Federal Road.  A small one-room church was built on the site of the present-day church.

The general unrest brought on by the War Between the States had its effect on the county.  It brought on poor economic conditions and divisions of the citizens with conflicting sympathies and sentiments.  Peace did not come easily to the mountains of North Georgia.  Rev. J.L. Wyatt reported, “For many the streets of a western mining town would have been tame compared to the streets of Jasper”.

Interest in religion and the church reached an all-time low.  A young minister, Thad Pickett, one woman and four men met on the church grounds to discuss disbanding the church.  A man named Padgett rode by and joined the group.  In a few words he solved their problem.  He said, “Don’t disband.” and turning to the young preacher added, “You come on and preach to them and I will move my letter here”.  The church began to grow at once and has remained an important factor in the community.

Seeds Planted Through the Years

1879 A new frame building was constructed.
1891Sunday School was reorganized.
1911Organization of the Ladies Aide and Missionary Society.
1928The Girls Auxiliary was started.
193049 people joined the church during revival.

The original brick sanctuary, what we now refer to as the chapel, was built for only $8000.00.

1938Bible Institute for Preachers was organized.
1947-48The pastor’s house was built.
1955The First Baptist Church of Jasper became the official name.
1954-55A three-story education building was constructed.
2002The present sanctuary was built.

Resources: Through The Years by Charles O. Walker